Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love distance (From Stephen to Andrea) Written By C-low (show your love on the comment box) :)

Request day special (Stephens request)

Everyday its like were further n Further away,
i didn't wanna leave but I needed you to stay,
And now with you gone im in constant disarray,
when we argue its like a silly game we play,
And even though your far away from me,
your still in my heart like a cancerous disease,
Only person in the world ill drunk drive to see,
and drive through traffic like a comicazi,
And you know I can't wait to see you again,
no long distance, space or time can break our strength,
Even Einstiens theory was irrelevant,
our love is so true its unprecedent

Wrote it to this track


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Accidental Overdose (Leave Comment below)

Take ten ibuprofens in a fit of rage,
Only cuz my life feels like a pyramid maze,
I didn't think twice, just wanted to numb the pain,
I wanna do better but its all just the same,
as my heart start to burn and my vision gets dizzy,
know for a fact that nobodies gonna miss me,
treated by everyone like some walking disease,
sacrifice me, ceremonial black sheep,
and in my last moments i don't ask for forgivness,
i didn't kill myself it was all impulsivness,
accidents happen, and I make so many mistakes,
Told god i was hungry hope he saved me a plate

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rude Boy Remix (feedback accepted)

I'm rude
So i got a bad attitude,
Lascivious and lude,
A thief in the sheets,
we fight arugue and i put you to sleep,
I pound it pound it up like fresh ground beef,
But i want want is what you got got got,
A deer in the headlights that bootys got me caught,
Froze, i wanna feel the deepest part of your soul,
But she said it too much I gotta take it slow,
But i just wanna rip dip and go,
You say i don't love you but baby you don't know
I always say i love you when i leave that Pussy swole.....ohhhh C-low

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Miami Heat Mix

9/11 Conspiracy rap verse (verse one) (leave your opinions in the comment box)

The Instrumental

9/11 was a conspiracy,
Brought down the towers with a demolition team,
first of all, let me explain,
Ain't no way, a fucking planes,
Jet fuel, could burn after an explosion,
Think of all scien__tific notions,
After the crash you can see a fire ball,
which means the jet fuel is already gone,
now with that being said,
government purposely wanted the towers dead,
News outlets, and countless witnessess,
All reported hearing expolsions,
Whats the big secret, what are they witholdin,
the people gotta know,
the people got a right,
half of the terrorist weren't even on the flight,
Bush couldn't even answer one question right,
Pentagon videos all out of sight,
Hidden from the public, but i say why why why


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Cash Crate tips

Tip #1 download this program this program is very useful when filling out offers. What this does is it fills in all the blank spaces and help you get through offers faster and saves you time.. so download this first..

Tip#2  once roboform is downloaded go to your internet brower'' for some reason it doesn't work on modzilla for me so I use it on internet explore''  you'll see the roboform icon on the top left of your screen, click on it and go to new Identitys. fill out all the information that you'll need for Cashcrate ''name, phone number, email, address ect.. the good thing is you can make mutiple profiles which brings me to my next tip

Tip#3 Create multiple Emails, the good thing about yahoo is that you can make as many emails as you want and for cashcrate offers to approve your gonna need more than one email.. for instance you can create then jhondoe11 and 12 and so on.. make them periodically, and add them to your roboform Identity.

Tip#4  whenever your doing offers on cashcrate always have your email signed in on another tab, why??
because alot of the offers want you to confirm through email so have that email that you used to fill the offer open so its only one step away, when you confirm the email just wait for the page to load then close it don't get suckered into any offers I have a theory that there all scams so just close it then go to your cash crate page and refresh, sometimes you'll see your total earnings have gone up sometimes it doesn't matter if you confirm the email..

Tip#5 choosing an offer---- Most people on youtube will show you doing the quizzes and which superhero are you survey where its mutliple choice.. for me those hardly ever approve some do but most for me don't... the ones that ALWAYS go through are the subcriptions, or the offers that want you to try to win a 1000 walmart gift card..those usually approve faster and are shorter to do..

More tips coming soon  sign up now n earn some cash

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music when your down or sad.........

Whats your top- feeling depressed music? I know everyone does it, you get into an argument and you put on something to change your mood. I wanna hear yours
1. Deftones- Change
2. RedHotChiliPeppers- Soul to Squeeze
3. DJ harry- All my life

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Join Cashcrate and work from home

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