Sunday, December 26, 2010

9/11 Conspiracy rap verse (verse one) (leave your opinions in the comment box)

The Instrumental

9/11 was a conspiracy,
Brought down the towers with a demolition team,
first of all, let me explain,
Ain't no way, a fucking planes,
Jet fuel, could burn after an explosion,
Think of all scien__tific notions,
After the crash you can see a fire ball,
which means the jet fuel is already gone,
now with that being said,
government purposely wanted the towers dead,
News outlets, and countless witnessess,
All reported hearing expolsions,
Whats the big secret, what are they witholdin,
the people gotta know,
the people got a right,
half of the terrorist weren't even on the flight,
Bush couldn't even answer one question right,
Pentagon videos all out of sight,
Hidden from the public, but i say why why why


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